Easy Home Remedies To Stop Nail Bleeding In Dogs During Trimming

Overgrown or long nails in dogs can cause them to have posture problems as well as discomfort when walking. Because of this, you need to make regular nail trimming part of your dog’s grooming routine. If you find it challenging or uncomfortable to trim his nails, seek professional help from a groomer or a vet.

While doing the trimming on your own, accidents can happen anytime. You may cut your pet’s nails way too short to the extent that they bleed. The good news is that there are several things you can do to stop the bleeding and heal the wound from home. Here’s a look into some of them:

What Causes Bleeding During Nail Trimming?

Your dog’s nails are likely to bleed when you cut his quick – the inside part of the nail that is filled with nerves and blood vessels. Identifying where the quick is can be a real challenge when your dog has dark nails. However, it appears as a small dark part on the inside of white nails.

To avoid accidents, it’s advisable to make small cuts at a time as you examine the nails. As soon as you see a gray or whitish circle, stop immediately. Progressing further will lead to cutting the quick.

Your dog will most likely pull away and yelp when he starts bleeding as a result of cutting his nails too short. It’s very important that you remain calm and speak to him in a gentle and soothing voice. Giving him tasty treats too will also help calm him down. Remember that your dog will remain calm if you’re calm, so don’t panic even if the bleeding is profuse.

Stopping The Bleeding With Homemade Remedies

Groomers and veterinarians often use styptic powder to stop nail bleeding in dogs. It contains benzocaine which relieves pain as well as ferric subsulfate which is very effective in stopping the bleeding. However, if you’re looking for natural ways to stop the bleeding from home, consider the following solutions:

Using Cornstarch, Flour Or Baking Soda

Mix any of these ingredients with water to form a thick paste. Then apply the paste onto the affected nail directly using a cotton applicator. Make sure you press and hold the paste on the nail for at least 3 to 5 minutes until the bleeding stops. If your pet is still bleeding, repeat the process one more time.

Using Soap

To use this method is simple, just dampen a bar soap to make it soft and a bit mushy. Then push the affected nail directly into the soap for about 3-5 minutes till the bleeding stops. Use a soap that’s free of scent if possible and make sure you apply moderate pressure.

What To Do After The Bleeding Stops

Once the bleeding stops, don’t allow your dog to be on his feet for the next 30 minutes to 1 hour. If possible, bandage the affected paw to prevent him from re-injuring himself.

With the above home remedies, the bleeding should be able to stop within 20 minutes provided you apply moderate pressure on the affected nail for a few minutes. If it doesn’t, it means the cut was much deeper. Call your vet immediately.