Sure Signs That Your Dog Is Bored

Dogs don’t have jobs, businesses or school to keep them busy throughout their day, neither do they have the freedom to visit their friends whenever they want. That leaves us as their major source of entertainment. We determine what, when and how they play, exercise and eat. Therefore, if you don’t provide yours with enough mental and physical stimulation daily, he’s likely to get bored and get into trouble. Here are some key signs that your beloved dog is bored and what you can do to fix the situation:

Engaging In Destructive Behaviors

If you aren’t providing your canine friend with enough things to keep him busy, he’ll find other ways to entertain himself. This includes things such as getting into your trash and scattering the garbage everywhere, digging up and even uprooting the things in your garden, barking excessively and even chewing your shoes or wooden furniture.

More often we tend to punish our dogs when they get into such mischief. But this is not solving the problem. It’s your job to teach your dog what is acceptable; therefore your focus should not be on punishment but on teaching him constructive things and habits.

What To Do When Your Dog Exhibits Destructive Behaviors

Most behavioral problems in dogs are as a result of boredom. However, the answer to this problem isn’t necessarily physical exercise. Sure, physical exercises such as going for a walk or chasing bubbles will keep your pet entertained and tire him out so that he doesn’t have extra energy to destroy things. However, giving him something that is mentally stimulating and exhausting like a food puzzle or interactive games will also work as well. The key here is to give your pet a good balance of physical and mental exercises to entertain him and keep him happy.

Seeking Your Attention

Does your dog whine, bark, grumble or come right at you and starts licking your hands or face sometimes? If so, he’s trying to tell you that he’s bored through these attention-seeking behaviors.

What To Do When Your Dog Seeks Your Attention

Dogs thrive very well in an environment where there’s a daily routine to follow. Therefore, consider setting yours a daily routine to let him know what to do at any given time. With a consistent daily routine, your dog will know exactly when to eat, go for a walk, play and relax. He won’t come licking your face when he knows its eating or walking time, unless of course, you’re the one delaying him.

Following You Around

Note that not all dogs that follow their owners around are bored. Some just enjoy the company of their owners; they like being close to you. But boredom can also cause your dog to follow you everywhere you go.

What To Do When Your Dog Follows You Around

When you notice this behavior in your pet, first you should try to figure out what gets them excited to follow you. Is it because you’re the only one he knows or is attached to, or because he has excess energy that he needs to burn? If the latter is the case, then it means you’re not providing him with enough exercise to tire him out. Consider adding more challenging and stimulating exercises to his daily routine to keep him busy.

Hopefully, with these boredom busters, you’ll be able to keep your dog entertained and happy throughout the day.